Superhero Knife Block

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Have you ever cleaned out your kitchen drawer and realized that you have some really nice knives that deserve to be placed in a knife holder? This Knife Block is for you. With 3-D printing and carefully applied spray paint, our product looks just like a Wade Wilson's head sitting on your kitchen counter, and full of knives, if you're into that sort of thing.
When your kid asks why you have a superhero’s head with knives stuck in it sitting on your countertop, you can say, “Did I ever show you how to make Chimichangas?” But why do… “CHIMICHANGAS!!” It’ll all make sense. Why not add a little dark humor into your kitchen now!?


  • Carefully painted
  • Provide style and personality to your kitchen
  • Can store 6 paring knives
  • Easy and convenient to use and storage.
  • Made of PETG material, durable 
  • Package includes: 1 x Superhero Knife Block