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3D Galaxy Glass Ball
3D Galaxy Glass Ball
3D Galaxy Glass Ball
3D Galaxy Glass Ball
3D Galaxy Glass Ball

3D Galaxy Glass Ball

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For thousands of years, we have gazed upon the cosmic ocean from our small world. It has been a wonder what it would be like to see it from the outside. The galaxy has been revealed at as a sign if infinite possibilities and a symbol of open-mindedness, free from limitations, creativity, and being artistic. 

Crafted with utmost skill to model the planets revolving around our sun, hold this mesmerizing crystal ball in your hand and gaze upon the beauty of the galaxy. Revel at the infinite possibilities it offers. Have an open mind, free from limitations and let your dreams flow on.

Each crystal ball is laser engraved to model the breathtaking galaxy in 3D that will have you mesmerized and dreamy. This amazing Galaxy Gazer Crystal Ball symbolizes a thought-provoking wonder of the universe.

Always remember that just like the universe, life has a limitless swarm of opportunities for you!


  • Material: Crystal
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: 2.4in
  • Packet: 1 Pc

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