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1 Pair Foot Alignment Socks
1 Pair Foot Alignment Socks
1 Pair Foot Alignment Socks

1 Pair Foot Alignment Socks

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You do not have to stop wearing your fashion shoes or give up jogging because your feet hurt & then have to wear clunky shoes to accommodate your achy bunion. Wear your foot alignment socks daily for a few hours or keep them on overnight and this will help to correct the misalignment of the big toe. This will also help to stretch, exercise & condition your feet helping you to feel better. Of course, this will not happen in a few days. But keep wearing your Foot Alignment Socks and in a short period of time, you will notice that your feet are feeling much better. Your toes will begin to stretch & straighten out & you will be in much less pain. Foot Alignment Socks can be used as a non-surgical treatment for bunions, hammer toes, crooked toes, heel pain & general foot comfort. They can also help to reduce the need for surgical intervention. They help you by keeping your feet & toes mobile, flexible & less painful.

Make your feet feel relax! Get them now!


  • Model Number: Foot Massager Socks
  • Material: Cotton, spandex
  • Size: 11 x 3 inch
  • Item Type: Foot Care Tool
  • Type: Massage socks

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