1Pc Pregnancy Waistband Extender

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Why you choose our Pregnancy Waistband Extender? 
- Pregnancy is a sensitive time. The comfort of clothing is important to pregnant women. Our pregnancy waistband extender can bring you more space and comfort.
- The pregnancy waist extenders are removable and adjustable. 
- 3 classic colors, they can work well with your most trousers and skirts. 
- They can meet your different requirements of different periods or situations, such as weight gain and pregnancy. Adjust your unsuitable trousers and skirts and help you save money. 
- It’s very easy to use and remove. With the button and the button hole on both sides of the elastic band, you can attach our pregnancy waistband extender to your trousers or skirts.

Material: These pregnancy waistband extenders are made of cotton. And the elastic band is of good quality and help you adjust your unsuitable trousers and skirts utile you’re satisfied.
Size: Cloth: 7.28’’ x 6.69’’ ; Elastic Band: 9.25’’ x 0.98’’ 
Colors: Grey, Navy, Black. The most common and practical colors.
The elastic band can be easily removed from the pregnancy waistband extender. If you find that the button and buttonhole on both sides of your elastic band do not match your trousers, you can remove the band and thread it from the other side with ease. Besides, both sides of the pregnancy waistband extender are available.